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Red Flowers


Cynthia Whitman Golden Gate Bridge - Photo by Michaela Joy Photography


  • Colorado is my second home. I graduated from Aspen High School, receiving both my high school & International Baccalaureate diplomas. 

  • I have BA in Drama from Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

  • Along with lots of acting & singing, I developed my hobbies of cooking, baking, & sewing while in college.

  • I started my serious study of singing in Colorado at age 16, & I’ve been taking weekly voice lessons ever since. My voice lessons are the one constant in my life!

  • My first job was working as a teaching intern for Theatre Aspen School. 

  • My first professional acting job was playing a Bird Girl in “Seussical” at Theatre Aspen.

  • My first opera role was performing in the ensemble of “Street Scene” with Opera Theatre of the Rockies

Cynthia Whitman - Photo by Bill Wadman


  • A month into the covid-19 pandemic I escaped NYC & came to live near my family in Sonoma, California (about an hour north of San Francisco). I intended to visit for 2 months, & I ended up staying.

  • I fell in love with all the incredible locally grown food & flowers here, & my aunt has been teaching me all about gardening - a new hobby!

  • I’ve also loved living in a more rural area, where my neighbors include horses, goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, chickens, guinea fowl, peacocks, etc. 

  • While living in Sonoma during the pandemic I’ve been able to continue with my career, acting in a web series, two commercials, & four short films.

  • I’ve also spent this time studying voiceover with Voice One in San Francisco, taking classes in commercials, animation, video games, & narration.

San Francisco

  • I was born & raised in San Francisco, California, USA.

  • I’m a 6th generation San Franciscan; my family has been here since the gold rush!

  • I’m named after my grandma Cynthia, who came to San Francisco to escape the bombing of London, England in World War II.

  • My heritage is mostly English & Irish, with some roots in Holland, France, etc. 

  • I started studying acting, when I was 8 years old, at ACT’s Young Conservatory in San Francisco. And I've continued to take classes there throughout my life. 

  • Recently, I've been studying voiceover with Voice One in San Francisco. 

Cynthia Whitman Colorado 2 - Photo by Peggy Wilkie
Cynthia Whitman Colorado - Photo by Peggy Wilkie

New York City

  • I lived in New York City for many years & studied with incredible acting & voice teachers including Jen Waldman, Candace Goetz, Steven Lutvak, Heidi Marshall, Maggie Reed, Mark Shanahan, & more. 

  • While living in New York, I acted in 12 films, 6 plays, 5 musicals, 5 operas, a web series, a family sitcom pilot, & many concerts, readings, & cabarets. 

  • My “day job” in New York was working background for films & TV shows. I worked background on over 65 different projects & it was a great way to learn how everything works on set. 

  • I also performed with the Blue Hill Troupe in New York, a 98-year-old charity theatre company. Every year we work with a different NYC charity partner, & our charities receive all the proceeds from the two productions each year, a Gilbert & Sullivan opera & a musical. 

Cynthia Whitman duck - Photo by Tania Soderman
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