Coral Flowers

Socially-Distanced Projects

A Governor Cuomo / "Taylor The Latte Boy" /

Social-Distancing Parody 

Music from "Avengers"

with the Socially Distant Orchestra

"Together Again" from "The Muppets Take Manhattan" with my Intro to Puppetry Class

Reading "Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party"

Virtual Story Time for Schools of Hope / United Way

A "When Will My Life Begin" (Tangled) / 

Social-Distancing Parody

"The Rainbow Connection" from "The Muppet Movie"

with my puppet Delia

"The Merriest Fellows Are We!" with the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

"The Sorcerer" / "The Pirates of Penzance" Mashup with Sing G&S in Brussels

Cynthia Whitman © 2020 

Sonoma, CA